How To Write Blog Articles

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Organic traffic is a big deal. The question we all ask is how to get more of it?

This PDF includes our entire process of getting more organic traffic.

It took years to polish, and we've always executed it part-time.

This means that you can do it, too - even if writing is not your full-time job, or you don't have a dedicated writer on your team,

In the last 3 months, we increased organic traffic by 60.45% on our blog. And we want you to steal our secrets.

5 years of SEO & content practice condensed into 26 pages.

For us, good content means:

  • The article is made for humans, not bots.
  • The idea needs to solve a reader's problem.
  • The topic should be a part of the existing content cluster.
  • The investment has been justified by data from various SEO tools.
  • The content fits into the marketing funnel.
  • The text scores at least 60 on the Flesch Reading Ease scale.

That's a tip of the iceberg. But you get the gist of it.

Our process for writing blog articles is currently 26 pages long.

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Understanding why and how to write.
  • Tools that make the job easier.
  • Building the content strategy.
  • Researching the topics.
  • Writing impactful SEO metadata.
  • Including CTAs in the content.
  • Creating internal links across the website.

In a way, it's our secret weapon.

And we want you to have it.

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5 years of SEO & content practice condensed into 26 pages.

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How To Write Blog Articles

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I want this!